Grading starts September 11 || Cost $150 ||players can join any time provided there is a team vacancy ||

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Essential Information 2017/18

Monday- Primary and secondary school ages Koola, Killara
Wednesday- Primary school ages only Karuah, Turrumurra  
Thursday- Primary and secondary George Christi, Wahroonga
Saturday- Womens, St Ives Park Primary

Key points
-Cost $150 for juniors (16 weeks of games) and $180 for women (16 weeks of games)
-All games have a referee.
-We do not have age groups. A weak U8 will play strong U7, a strong U8 will play weak U9.
-We do not grade players, you get to pick who is in your team.
-We do grade teams so your team can play appropriate opponents.
-We will find you a team if you don't have one but experience has shown a team of strangers will often be hard to maintain.
-If you need more information, the buttons on the right should help
-We grade last two weeks of term 3, we play 10 weeks in term 4 and 4 weeks in February.

Estimated kick off Times-
Prior to Daylight Savings: We do two weeks of team grading at the end of  term 3 before daylight savings. Limited light means we must finish early so we also start early, we expect;- U6 4:15 +/-15mins    U7 4:30 +/- 15mins    U8 4:45+/- 15min   U9 5:00 +/- 15min   U10 and older 5:15 or later
After Daylight Savings Starts (term 4): Once  the competition starts in term 4, we cannot be absolutely certain but would expect;- 
U6 4:45 +/-15mins    U7 5:00 +/- 15mins    U8 5:15+/- 15min   U9 5:45 +/- 15min   U10& U11 6:15+/- 15min   U12 6:30+/- 15min     Older 6:45+/-15min

Skip this section if you are still in primary school -Notes for Teenage/Secondary School Teams
Primary Soccer was initially established for primary school aged children and so runs in the afternoon.
Players from past years continued to return and so our age limit kept growing.
Last year we were forced to turn away teams for lack of space. This year we are dividing into primary and secondary with secondary not offered at all locations.
It is virtually impossible to get adult referees in the afternoon so we use school aged referees.
Equally, it is not possible to have only year 12 referees as this would mean replacing referees every year.
As a consequence, you can expect to have referees the same age as you or perhaps even younger officiating your game.
If your style of play is intense and highly competitive with the expectation of a similar level of refereeing and supervision, Primary Soccer may not be right for you. We are happy to recommend some excellent evening competitions that should be able to provide the experience you desire.
If you are a team that is happy for a friendly game with a trained, impatial (if sometimes flawed) adjudicator then Primary Soccer is ideal.

Skip this section if you are in a boys team-Notes for Girls Teams
On numerous occassions we have tried to have a girls competition.
Each time we have ended up with about 10 teams spread accross U6-U14.
When this is the case, there tends to be only 2 or 3 teams that are age appropriate to play and we have complaints of playing the same teams each time.
If we play the girls teams against boys teams of a similar age, many of the girls teams lose by a significant margin and we get complaints.
If we play girls teams against boys teams of similar ability, in many cases the boys teams are younger and we get complaints about the age difference.
Our policy is not to offer a girls only competition because there has proven to be insufficient numbers.
We will do our best to group girls into divisions with other girls teams but it is almost certain that you will have to play boys teams of similar ability.

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