Final Week ends 23/2/19
Registrations open August
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Grading starts September 17 || Cost $150 ||players can join any time provided there is a team vacancy ||
Primary Soccer
Primary Soccer was established to 
offer 5-a-side soccer in Sydney's north at times when mainstream soccer is not available.
Our aim is 
to meet the unmet demand that was being missed by mainstream sport.  
 • Summer weekdays for children.
 • Summer weekends for adults.
 • Winter weekends on non-traditional days. 
We are not for profit running and intend to compliment rather than compete with established clubs/offerings.
To support all sports participation, a portion of fees is passed to winter clubs/organisations nominated by player. 
If there is any other funds left after running costs, these are set aside to support disabled/childrens sports eg building disabled toilets at grounds.

We cut out all the hassles by making registration, competitions, play and outcomes all as simple and cheap as possible. 
In 2017/18 we had 900 participants playing 5-a-side weekdays
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