Grading starts September 11 || Cost $150 ||players can join any time provided there is a team vacancy ||
After registration please make payment of $150 by direct deposit ($180 for adults)
to our dedicated registration payment account...
Account Name: Primary Soccer
Account Details: Combank BSB 062246 A/C 10249076
Please include player's name so we can match it to a registration

How We Compare
​​There are a range of other 5-aside or 6-aside competitions around. It is hard to do a direct comparison because
 - some run for 10 weeks, some for 12 and ours for 16
 - some are 5-a-side some are 6-a-side
 - some charge per player and some charge per team.

We check to ensure we are offering the best prices. 
Below is a price check with other local providers for junior competitions
To make a direct comparison between competitions that charge per player with those that charge per team we have assumed team sizes equal to the players on the field + one reserve.
Prices were taken from web pages October 2017.


Provider Team size Per Player Per Team Duration (wks) Per Player Per week Per team per week
Primary Soccer 5 a side $150 equivalent to $900 16 $8.85 $56
Ryde Saints 6 a side   $800 12 $9.52 $66.67
Macquarie Dragons 6 a side   $900 11 $11.69 $81.82
NSFA Oct-Dec 6 a side   $900 11 $11.69 $81.82
Lindfield sports club 5 a side   $980 13 $12.56 $75.38
Northern Beaches Futsal 5 a side $179 equivalent to $1074 14 $12.79 $77
Manly Warringah 6-a-side 6 a side $140 equivalent to $980 10 $14.00 $98
NSFA Feb March 6 a side   $900 8 $16.07 $112


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