Grading starts September 11 || Cost $150 ||players can join any time provided there is a team vacancy ||

2017/18 Primary Soccer Player Registration
We ask only essential questions. Most players answer only 10 questions and are done (with no log in)
Fill in your details and then choose a competition/day/location
If you are looking for a team or joining one, complete the top (blue) section ignore the middle (green) section.

      Join/Register a Player Ages U6-U16 $150 16 weeks of play. 
    Women $180 45m games 14 weeks play Sat afternoon
      Player First Name    
    Player Last Name
    Date of Birth
    2nd Email if required
    Contact No
    School (if appropriate)
    I would like to play (day)
      Winter Club (if any)  
      I would like to play with
    Use team name, other players names, primary school etc.
    If you don't have a team we will find you one.


    If you are organising/forming a team, complete both the top (blue) section with your and your child's contact details and the middle (green) section with the team name.

      Creating a Team?       If no, read & click [Register Me] to finish  
    I will organise a new team called;-  
      (max 15 characters)  
      Limit the team to these players (leave blank if no limit)  
        Please don't fill out the green section without the blue, otherwise we don't know who you are.
    If you put TBA you will be assigned a temporary team name (usually a vegetable)
    Simple names often clash so may be changed  eg Ninjas to Red Ninjas


    Everyone completes the bottom (yellow) button. 

      After registration please make payment of $150 ($180 for women's) by direct deposit
    to our dedicated registration payment account, do not make payment if you are on a waiting list...
      Account Name ...Primary Soccer  
      BSB 06 2246 A/C 1024 9076  
      Please include player's name so we can match it to a registration.
    Confirm by clicking the Register Me button
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