Final Week ends 23/2/19
Registrations open August
Back in September
Grading starts September 17 || Cost $150 ||players can join any time provided there is a team vacancy ||
We play Tuesday at St Ives near the shopping centre,  Wedesday at Karuah and Thursday at George Christi.
Each day takes all ages primary school ages.
We had about 900 players in 2017/18.
We play
  - two week of grading/trials at the end of term 3,
  - 9 weeks in term 4 and
  - 4 weeks in February.
Cost is $150 for the season (a little more for adults who play for 45 minutes)
All games have a referee.
Games go for 30 minutes
We have our weakest/youngest teams kick off first 4:45 and our last games kick off at 6:45
That way, if a team is ever short they can ask the previous team to fill in, like an U10 playing up to help out U11.
Winter competitions divide by age and then grade, we grade and then make sure the age difference isn’t too great.
Our lowest division might be U6 & U7, next might also be U6&7 next might be U7&8 etc
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