Final Week ends 23/2/19
Registrations open August
Back in September
Grading starts September 17 || Cost $150 ||players can join any time provided there is a team vacancy ||
Most players register with a group of friends.
As long as there is at least 5 players the team can play.
If the team has less than 5 players we may compel your team to take players to meet this minimum.
Provided your team has 5 players we will not require the team to take additional players.

We allow teams of 5 but recommend teams of 6 except U6 where 7 seems to work well. Too many players results in a lot of players standing on the sideline.

If you register looking for a team, we leave it until just before the start of competition to place you in a team. If we place you in a team too early then you may be placed in a mixed team and later find a friend from your school registers to play.
After we have created teams, it is hard to find places for late players eg 24 players will be placed in 4 teams of 6 but 25 players will be placed into 5 teams of 5. However if the 25th player registers after the 4 teams have been formed, we cannot place them. 
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